Moondoggies (Victoria Gardens) CA upland California Review


Bought A toy Poodle on sale, after we had purchased the poodle the staff informed us that the dog had giardia, and that we had to take it to their doctor in alta loma, from day 1 this dog was continually sick and then after just a couple months the dog had gotten really sick so i had taken him to a pet hospital where we had no choice but to put him down as he was really sick and in unstable condition, upon expert advice he was gone, so we took advice of vet and did the humane thing to do, upon contact with the pet store moondoggies, they had stated the following, their is nothing we can do and that we should of taken the dog to their doctor, the same doctor that was suppose to fix whatever was wrong with the dog when we purchased him, the staff was unapolagetic saying no to a refund of any kind unless we take the body to their doctor and pay for an autopsy, and if the dogs conditions fell under specific guidelines under their contracts, i let them know this dog had been sick from the first day was never cured at their doctors, so the staff had threatened to send their lawyers after me and have made several harrasing phone calls, blaming the death on myself and things weve done

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