Morgan Jewelers Review


I cant believe these people .. tell you one thing lie and do another …. i bought a ring from them then i got sick and am fighting for disability and the lady comes to my door after i file for chapter 13 bankruptcy and calls me dishonest and tells me i must just hand over the jewelry right now … umm no i made 2 years of payments plus a 2000.00 payment in two installments, and how do i know that you would even put in that i returned it and do i get my money back no! so i told her no and she continued to tell me what a crappy person i was for not being an honest person and returning it, i decided to tell her this felt sketchy and shut the door, a year later i have some prongs fall off and the man at the store tells me yes even though you filed chapter 13 since we are still getting paid we will definitely be able to use the peace of mind and then come to find out while they were telling me it took longer to fix they fixed it knowing that they were NOT going to honor the peace of mind warranty and that they were going to try and keep it if i couldn’t pay for the work… sucks to be them cause i am well and able to pay for it … and their manager needs some work she is all nice and rainbows when your buying something then a nasty word when your not! im telling everyone that i know that they are the worst ! and they keep erasing my reviews thats ok cause im going to take the time to repost it every time lol


  • Name: Morgan Jewelers
  • Country: United States
  • State: Utah
  • City: Salt Lake
  • Address: P.O. Box 45820
  • Phone: 1-800-234-0508
  • Website:

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