Morgan Julianne Baca – San Marcos, Texas Texas


I let this woman Morgan Julianne Baca into my home no more than two times and she ranted about how she loved her family, and that how my wife loves me and our daughter all the time at work. Well this girl can’t have any kids and she just got divorced no more than a month with a black man and she loves my daughter, but my daughter does not Like her. Then I started noticing little things when I started accusing my wife of talking to her. My wife said that I was crazy and then thatís when I found out. I saw her coming out of Morganís house. My wife was with her and then she said that she was sleeping with her. She left me and my baby that we just adopted and she left us homeless. I am pulling myself together for my daughter while she goes and play’s happy little family by themselves. Iím filing for divorce Friday but I just want to let everybody know that she does not care that she split my family up and my marriage and she disrespected me and my child in our home…

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