Morgan Porada – Struthers, Ohio Ohio


This girl.. This girl is crazy! She is my husbands ex wife. A while back I found out him and her were secretly talking. Via snapchat. I forgave him and got over her. Then out of no where, she pops back up in my life. She hates me with a passion. Why? Mainly because I won’t let her and my husband have secret conversations. My bad! Like any wife would. Now, recently I had posted on my instagram and Facebook a picture of my twin brother and I. He was deployed in Japan for 4 years and I never saw him. Now he’s living in Colorado, a 20 some odd hour drive. And I haven’t seen him in 2 years. This sets her off on a rampage. Why? Because I’m posting about MY twin. Now, a few years ago she lost one of babies, after he was born. He was a twin. As sad as that is, it’s not my fault. But she seems to think I posted the picture to spite her. I didn’t, I just really miss my brother. This girl is trying is ruin my life, my marriage and everything in between. Her words exactly are “I can break up any relationship he is in. So don’t think I can’t do it to you.” If this little girl doesn’t like someone, she will go out of her way to hurt them. I wish she would just stop. I don’t care about her or her life. So why does she care about mine? I’m basically writing this to vent. I hope one day that she’ll give up and move on.

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