Morgin Miyako – Las Vegas, Nevada Nevada


Meet Morgin Miyako from Las Vegas, NV. She has no job, no car, and I was told she sponges off of others for a place to live. I normally do not place blame on the other woman because I do not believe she owes the wife any loyalty. However, I am making an exception with this one. Morgin has sex with everyone and I mean EVERYONE! I do not condemn her for that because that is her choice and her business. However, the night she chose to give my husband her phone number when she knew he was married now made her my business. She told him that she’s wanted to “ride” him for a long time. Considering she likes to “ride” everyone, I wouldn’t exactly consider that a compliment. My husband said he was only there for ten minutes before she was dropping to her knees giving him a blow job and having sex with him. Sadly, this only cost him a 12 pack of beer. My husband sure does know how to get a bargain. When you know a man is married and you give him your phone number that makes you an involved and willing participant. It also honors you with the title of S***! For the record, I heard shes engaged to another man by the name of Rob. Morgin has no shame and apparently doesn’t care about whom she hurts.

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