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Complaint: April 2014, I contacted Morningstar German Shepherds and spoke with the owner Kari Mercer about up coming litters. She informed that she had a litter being imported from Germany that was to be born in May and ready to take home in July 2014. I am agreed to purchase a puppy for $3800. There was a purchase agreement that was signed and a $800 deposit submitted. On or about July 25, 2014, I picked the picked my puppy and signed a purchase agreement. The purchase agreement stated that I would receive the registration within 3 months of bringing the puppy home and a 2 year health guarantee. In September 2014, I contacted Ms Mercer and inquired about the status of the registration papers. She stated that she expected the paper to arrive from Germany very soon. I contacted Ms Mercer again in October and she stated that she was still waiting for the paperwork. When I informed that the signed contract stated that I would receive the paperwork in 3 months, she claimed that was a mistake and that it normally takes 6-8 months for a import litter. In October also found out that my puppy had hip displaysia. I took my puppy to an orthopedic vet, so he could be sedated for more extensive X-rays. This is additionally confirmed by an independent radiologist. I forwarded the X-rays to Ms Mercer and requested a 50% refund. The contract stated that I would return the dog back to her for another puppy of the same value: however, he is now a part of the family and I was not going to return him. I felt this was a fair compromise. Ms. Mercer seemed to have no intention of finding a reasonable solution and I still had no registration paper work. In November 2014 her exscuses kept piling up. Now she was claiming that it would take 8-12 months to receive the paperwork. In December 2014 I felt I had no choice to, but to file a lawsuit. We eventually went to court in Tarrant County ( case #JP07-15-SC00007231). I was awarded a judgment of $3500. I have also filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General against Morningstar German Shepherds. To this date, Kari Mercer has not paid any part of the judgment and continues to make excuses. I am being forced to use all legal means available to me in order to try and recover my damages. One final thing about Ms Mercer, she claims to support the military and law enforcement (which I am both), yet she has no problem taking our money and not providing what has been agreed upon. If you are looking for a puppy, do not make the same mistake that I and others have made (I wish this info was posted before I gave her a single penny), and have any dealings with Morningstar German shepherds or Kari Mercer.

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Address: 1111 k dr Mansfield , Texas USA


Phone: (817) 637-0773

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