Mossy BMW of Vista San Marcos California


Complaint: This review is created to provide you with heads up if you are thinking of making business with Jeff Stein (General Manager) and his sales team Mossy BMW of Vista. This review excludes the service team of this location (Don, Natasha, David and Ed). On 7/22/2014 I stopped by the dealership with my son responding to an advertisement posted online for a 2011 BMW 550i. I was helped by sales person Scott Clement who took us for a test drive and seemed very knowledgeable about the car and the items included with it. The car was listed and advertised with a rear window spoiler which was not on the car when we test drove it. While we were test driving the car Scott was trying his best to tell us what he can do for us if we decide to take this car home. He promised us to fix the wheels (scratches) update our navigation software and provide us with the rear window spoiler which he mentioned that the Parts department should have stored it. That same day I have repeatedly asked Scott about these parts and he promised to get all these items done for us. A week later I brought the car for wheel service and inquired about the other two items and started noticing a change of heart but they did not reject it. I waited another week and they were “still looking into it””. Today 8/15/2014 I’ve decided to call Jeff Stein and once for good put an end to this delay. First words out of his mouth was “”We will not provide you with what you asking for”” and I asked why?! he replied “”You have provided us with a negative survey”” then he added “”we do not want to do any more business with you””. Dear consumers

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Address: if you decide to do business with Jeff Stein or any of his sales team beware of giving a “”negative survey”” otherwise any pending items they owe you will be confiscated. According to Mr. Professional GM Jeff Stein you must provide a POSITIVE survey for his narcissistic head to honor what was promised. I would think twice before I purchase a car from this location! I would choose Encinitas or Escondido. I have always brought my cars to this location for service

Website: 1715 Hacienda Dr Vista, California USA

Phone: never had an issue until I have decided to purchase my second car. Mr. Stein is one pathetic poor GM and he brings nothing but loss to any place he is part of. I am truly disgusted by his attitude and I am still in disbelief that I have no other routes to approach this to keep this matter within the dealership. If you had similar issues with Jeff or his team at Mossy BMW of Vista

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