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Complaint: I bought an engine from Arley in 2007. The engine took longer than stated to arrive first off. I had the engine installed and it never was quite right, it smoked, and used oil. I called about the engine and his only fix for it was check the pcv valve and new motors are suppose to use some oil. Im a mechanic so I knew that was crap. The engine dropped a valve two weeks after the phone call. I called him and he seemed to be going to fix it with no problem. I had it pulled and sent off. When he got it he started making assumptions that my mechanic had set the timing and it was my fault that the engine jumped time and bent a valve. He was talking to me like I was stupid so I quickly shut him down. I told him if he were to actually have looked at the enigne he would see that a keeper had broken and the valve had dropped but had not hit the piston. Also, the engine came pre-timed so either way it would be your fault. He was quick to change his tone. He said he would get me a new engine. I kept calling to check on the engine and he would say we havent found a block or some other excuse. I finally told him after six months just refund my money. He said he would see what he could do. He then told me he would get in trouble with his boss. I didnt know at the time that he was the boss. Somehow he came up with an engine though and sent it out. I got it and upon install it was blowing smoke through the exhaust. The compression was 55, 60, 170, 165 way way bad. I called him back he did pick up the engine and had agreed to give me a refund when they recieved the engine. When he got it he called asking if I had run turbo, nitrous, our supercharger on my car. I said no my car is bone stock. He said the engine had been super overheated, which would explain why it was doing what it had done when I got it. I told him that was why it was giving me trouble that he sent me a bad engine. He said no you can see that the pistons are new and its been built but that doesnt mean anything cause it would only take a minute of running without water to ruin an engine. He had just sent me a bad engine is all it was to it. I finally had to get a lawyer after him but my lawyer is a little to big time for me it seems because Im having to do all the work about getting the info on the company. I still havent got my money back and Arley wont answer my phone calls. I advise people to never do business with this man. I need some help with getting my money back from him though. I will not let him get away with my money. If someone wants to help me with this email me please!

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Address: 205 De Anza Unit 69 San Mateo, California United States of America



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