Move Management International Review


I don’t know how the other moving companies are, but DON’T choose Move Management International if you don’t want to go crazy like me. I could write pages and pages about my experience but I will try to be concise. | Once you contact them, they hassle and pester you with tons of emails from different members of their company until you finally sign the contract. | But once you have signed you are on your own! | The estimate I received almost double by the time I got my goods to Europe. | The contract is full of hidden costs and they never never try to be accommodating. | Jessy is simply useless as your co-ordinator and the owner Manuel Rojas will never solve an issue to your advantage! At first I was polite, but at the end I became crazy because of them and was not so friendly anymore. I felt like a ping pong ball between them and the other parties. | When they came to my house, the contract based on 7,000 pounds of goods for the container. First surprise, an extra $600 for surcharge. How can I weigh my goods when before they put them in the container??? | Be careful of the paragraph: “Port storage/demurrage in Europe, custom duties/taxes/port charges at the terminal in Europe, if applicable, terminal handling charges in Europe $350 Euros”. I add to pays an extra $1,700 for port storage/demurrage. Keep in mind that if it rains they don’t deliver and I had to pay for 3 days of storage because they didn’t want to deliver. | From the very beginning I told them that the road was narrow to my house in Europe and wanted to make sure I wouldn’t have a bad surprise when it’s time for the delivery or extra costs. Add another $400 of troubles with the Italian movers who told me that they would charge extra because they can only access the road with two smaller trucks. | They were supposed to unpack and remove the debris when they deliver. They dropped the boxes and left. It took me more than a week to get rid of all the package material and bring it to recycling! | Add as well an extra cost if you pay by credit card!!! | I could write more and more as I said but it gives you an idea about how they deal with the customers and I am not the first unhappy one! | If you want to loose your mind, write a minimum of 5 emails of frustration a day after your goods are picked up until the day of delivery, and have a feeling that you will never get your goods because they hold you by “what I think”, then choose Move Management International!


  • Name: Move Management International
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Pinecrest
  • Address: 7740 South West 104th Street, Suite 201
  • Phone: 800.599.4316
  • Website:

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