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I needed to move from las vegas to Wisconsin and chose MOVE 4 LESS. I found it on the internet and saw good reviews, so I decided on them. Well it took TWO WEEKS from the date of pickup to deliver my stuff. When they did show up I noticed one of the boxes had the tape lifting off of it so I checked the box to find that my camcorder was stolen!! This was the WORST thing they could have possibly taken from me as it had my 1 and only pregnancy video on this camcorder and I also had an old personal video of me and my partner on there that could very well be the reason it was stolen! It could end up on the internet!! I was shocked this happened. When I told the drivers that it was missing they said you’ll have to contact move 4 less….which I did but they did nothing! All the manager said is the drivers and the movers who actually picked up my stuff were questioned and at that point I had to file a police report. So I’m down 1195 for my small move and a camcorder w my personal stuff on there. Great!! I don’t know who even did this because the guys who pick up your belongings and put them in the truck are different from the drivers who drop off your belongings to your home. Let me also say that this camcorder was at the very bottom of the box meaning they had to have been looking through all of my stuff to find what was most valuable to them. I believe this is what takes so long to deliver your things. They probably look through all your sh*! I hate whoever did this to me!!

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