Movie Cube Palm Beach Florida Review


I usually dont take the time to report how many times Ive been ripped off, but this situation, incited my wrath! I also dont usually rent from those kiosks @ grocery stores either, but this time I thought I would give it a whirl. I rented the movie the normal way by presenting my credit/debit card and for a 1.00 plus tax I got my movie. Returned it a few days later to the same kiosk and the kiosk was not working. It would not register the return of the movie. I went through all the menus properly and it wouldnt accept the movie return. At this point, while standing right next to the kiosk, I called movie cube to ask their advice on how to return the movie. The suggested returning it to the little black box in the back of the kiosk which is a part of the same machine, its attached to it, but its the type of black box that has only a tiny slot for the disk to slip through and there is no way no how for anyone to get the movie out from there except one of their movie cube technicians. WHILE I HAD THEM ON THE PHONE….I dropped the disk in……and they said THANK YOU…we have MADE A NOTE OF YOUR RETURN…dont worry we will give you the credit back. Well Lo and Behold! I get a 65.00 charge to my credit card for a “MISSING MOVIE””. Thats just GREAT! I called movie cube again and they said they have “”no record of the movie return””…….well….! They also claimed that we they found the movie in the little black box …they would credit back the $76.00! They never did! So…..Im angry! very angry!!! Today

May 26th

2010 I called Movie Cube and talked to them about it and they said that since it was over 30 days since the time of the charge that they could not and would not do ANYTHING about it. Too bad ol chap! Well….Im not gonna have it! If you rent from these slime bags you are the greater fool! Here’s some more info about their scams: my moviecube disaster code # confirmation…. 1078715 moviecube 800-518-1574 Im hope they rot in SCAMMERS HELL – along with the rest of the companies out there which are designed to RIP OFF innocent tax paying american citizens.”

Palm Beach Florida Wellington, Florida United States of America


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