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We were given 3 weeks to move when our house sold in 4 days. We had to hire people to help us pack and to help us unload at our new home. The packers did not come at the times scheduled. The foreman said he makes his own hours. He mentioned the tip constantly. However, they were nice and got the job done, though it took longer (due to their shorter hours) than I expected). On move-in day, they did not show up. The move was scheduled at 9 a.m. At 1 a.m. my husband called and asked for another crew to be sent immediately. It was sent and they did a fine job, though it took 2 days due to the decreased hours left on that Saturday. We found quite a few broken items in our packed boxes. I decided to not file a claim because I wanted to downsize anyway and these items were not critical to our new home. The items we are missing now are a twin size headboard–expensive, and the rails on a canopy bed. Since it has been more than 90 days since the move, the company will not address this issue. We are toast on this, but I hope this will help someone else when they choose a company to help them pack and move. The St. Louis-based team we had to pack, and that did not show up to help us unload, was stressful to me and made my move harder than it should have been. I don’t like being asked for a tip. And I don’t like people not showing up, especially when they were paid in full in advance through the company headquarters. My daughter does not have a nice wrought iron bed that she slept in as a child to inherit. This really hurts. Chandaliers (one of the items broken) can be replaced. This bed cannot.

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