MoviStar Complaint


Being a student recently moved to madrid I took this connection almost 10 days back and struggling to have this wi-fi signals covering my small 100m apartment. Tried to reach to movistar through all forums (toll free number, movistar outlets, online complaints) but no one can understand due to my limited spanish proficiency. Multiple request to connect me to english speaker proved even futile. I have to pay euro 35 every month but I can not do browsing quite often even by sitting next to the router. If i”m sitting in the next room I cant even browse. No signal in just next room through this installed router. Dont know its the problem of router or the connection but I want somone to solve this issue. I”m student and i”m paying for this. Merci please assist me and solve my problem. Either install new router or find alternate, but I need wi-fi signals in my entire place with 100mb browsing speed for what im paying.

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