Mr. Appliance Complaint


A so called, repair technician came to our house for our LG Tromm Washer Machine not running properly. When he arrived he started our washer machine, my wife informed him the display previously had a “LE error code”. Without any additional troubleshooting, he diagnosed it “a bad stator and bad rotor”. Wow, impressive!!! Never did he open the back panel to the washer to visibly look at anything, never did he test the rotor position sensor, never did he test the “so called” bad stator or look at the rotor. Definitely some of the most impressive diagnostic skills I”ve ever seen. When I questioned the man, (so called service technician) about the “LE error code” was it a bad rotor positioning sensor, he said the sensor would also get replaced with the rotor and stator. When I questioned the man how he determined the rotor was bad, he stated his determination was based on sound. Interesting… Then I questioned him about how he determined the stator was also bad, he replyed they are both bad and need replaced. Interesting… We had the rotor positioning sensor replaced, only the rotor positioning sensor replaced. That took care of the problem, No rotor, No stator, No $500+ repair fee. Just like the LG troubleshooting diagnostic error code suggested, it was a bad sensor! The diagnostic charge was $89.00. For what? To have some man randomly pick items to replace that are not bad? Or is this the way Mr. Appliance operates, to extort, swindle, overcharge vulnerable customers? Perhaps when diagnosing and determining items are faulty or bad, your technicians should actual verify it first, not just assume or guess or is this how you operate. I am also requesting a refund for the $89.00, “Diagnostic Charge”. Ticket # 1949711 I could not be more disappointed with Mr. Appliance and the way this all took place! Kevin

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