Mr. Lube Regina Saskatchewan


Complaint: Mr. Lube failed to flush the transmission properly on my car, even after I went back to complain about it, twice. I complained originally only because another oil changer service company checked the fluid and found that it was dirty, this after I had just had the tranny flushed. They told me that Mr. Lube uses substandard equipment to do this service. Needless to say, Mr. Lube has earned a big fat ZERO on my favorite oil changers page. Stay away from these guys, they lie through their teeth and smile all the while they are doing it. One other thing, they demand to take your keys from you while they do the oil change. The only person you should give your car keys are your wife or a cop. Who knows, these guys may be taking your keys to the back room to make copies in wax to steal your car later on! My advice? Stay away from these clowns.

Tags: Auto Service Stations

Address: Internet, Saskatchewan United States of America



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