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I started getting my brakes and light repairs on my vehicle at this location and the staff seemed nice. I found another offer at a different shop that was better for my brake service, so I went there. After the shop saw the car, they noticed that the front hub was lose along with the bolt that holds the back brakes. If the hub had come off the car, the entire wheel would have come off causing a fatal accident. Also, with the bolt missing that holds the brake caliper on the car, it caused damage to the rear brake rotors. This cost me about $650 dollars to do all of this. When I went back to Mr Tire to complain, they said that they would compensate me for this clear sign of negligence. The manager also told me that they had fired their old manager because of similar issues they had in the past. Now, I finally receive word back from their customer service rep that the director of customer service feels that I do not deserve anything, but they will compensate me a small percentage with the caveat that I sign a waiver that this issue has been resolved. It is clear to me that they just want to give me something small, but the fact that they are willing to do so shows that they are guilty. Also, the waiver is just a way to keep me from speaking about their bad business ethics along with inadequate workmanship. They need to do the right thing here and compensate me correctly and not try to blow me off.

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