MSW Industries, Inc. Review


MSW LLC/ MSW INVESTORS CORP (AKA-MIC) | They have stolen $30,000.00 from us. I came in contact with Arthur Tucker from Los Angeles CA who is a supposedly loan broker/ manager/ financier and works with MSW Industries.Com LLC. He set up a business transaction for my company through one of his partners Mel Knox/MSW INVESTORS CORP (AKA-MIC) They requested $30,000.00 that was required for an IRREVOCABLE CORPORATE PAY ORDER & JOINT VENTURE CONTRACT and we wired from our bank accounts. We then waited on the approved transaction to go through. | After 3 years days or so of being told almost every day that its going through, we have been strung along filled with false hopes, false promises, elusiveness and deceptiveness. After many attempts to get our money- We started to realize that we had been scammed. We told them we no longer wanted to play their games and to please refund us our money. Well now everyday they claim the funds are “coming” “it is happening” etc. We did not sign up for this it was a transaction that was suppose to take only four weeks to complete and a promise within our contracts that it was never to be touched or spent! | These are bad people, who are stealing thousands of dollars from people. | We are looking for other victims; we know there are other victims. PLEASE HELP | Here are the websites and contact info associated with these low life dirt bags.


  • Name: MSW Industries, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City: Brea
  • Address: 417 Associated Rd #324.
  • Phone: 1-877-679-5291
  • Website:

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