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Way back in 1993 I purchased a timeshare membership from Resorts West Vaccation Club at that time there were 9 units available all in Washington ,Oregon, Idaho and one in California 90% were within a 3 to 4 hour drive of the Seattle area perfect for my purposes.Sometime within the first 3-4 years there came a question about title to at least two of the units according to resorts west they lost them in a court case for which they charged us all a fee to recoop their legal fees. Now i’m not a big vacationer so I only used this 3 times in the first 5 years that I owned it eventually I recieved a three ring binder from O.R.E later to become M,R.O.P I read this documents several times and concluded that they were nothing more than a management company I have paid dues and maintenance fees for the past 21 years in 2011 I finally retired from my third career 3 months later I ended up in the hospital on life support for four and a half weeks for a total of 6 weeks in the ICU just about wiped out my intire retirement paying the medical bills. I called Mrop last year and I notified them I was canceling my membership as it was a luxury I could not afford, some really rude young woman informed me that in order to quote OPT out I would have to pay a $1500.00 dollar fee , I started laughing so hard I couldn’t talk any more so I hung up the phone. I began to do the research I should have done when I bought into this scam near as I can tell resort west is no longer in business and I have to assume that M.R.O.P. purchased those contracts although I was never informed ( could be cause for legally canceling the contract) now the state of washingto sets limits as to how many members they can sell per unit and if you research the RCW’s for timeshares you can get a lot of information which could be helpful in dealing with M.R.O.P. as those contracts were implementated in the state of Washington I believe they have to honor those contracts as written. We all my have seek legal help with these people the fact that they are in Utah makes it little hard to deal with these guys directly. We started out paying $100-$200 a year in maintenance fees as as soon as MROP took over they have continually gone up currently almost $600 a year for th 6 units assigned to Resorts West something really stinks.

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