Muse Treatment Complaint


A total [censored] show, staff are disorganized it was like twisting the chefs arm to obtain a low saturated fat and low cholesterol. The make crap food like bacon wrapped hot dogs, There food is low in fiber you are constipated the whole time, it is high in saturated fat and cholesterol. According to a study performed by a doctor AA, NA, AA only have a 5 to 10 percent success rate, so for 90% of addicts these 12 step programs and rehabs are complete waist of time and money. When you want to exit the rehab they try to make you stay so that they get more money. Just detox for a week from alcohol for a week with Librium and be done with it. The head nurse I caught her in a lie I asked her how long it takes to completely detox from alcohol she said two months. According to my internal medicine doctor at UCLA she told me that you only need to take Librium for one week and then after that you no longer need any medicine, and the total duration to detox from alcohol is two weeks. 90 percent of facility is angry crazy Heroine addicts, that harrass and antagonize you, there are dangerous two strike gang members staying here. They take you to AA meetings with CRIPS and BLOODS at the meetings, I was worried about a drive by shooting did not feel safe at all at this facility. The staff are liars and full of [censored]. If you are handicapped they will say that their facility will accommodate you. A complete lie. The furniture and beds are to low. There are no rails in the shower, there are no rails by the toilet. The showers were filthy with feces on the ground. They have a poor sanitation. They place your medicine that you do not need on plastic trays and they do not ever sanitize this tray. If someone is sick and touches it you will become sick to. The facility is not located in Westwood it is located in a sketchy area of culver city. Residents in the area have bars on their home windows. They have a sober living home to and try talking you into going there after treatment, the bottom line is that their all about the money. The showers have no soap holders you have to place your soap on the ground.

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