My Aging Well Network Review


Robert Joseph and affiliates at the “Aging Well Network” sell HRT medications to people in need for inflated costs. When they claim to be competitive in pricing, they perform the bait and switch to force you to pay them exorbitant fees and costs to get the medications that you need to keep safe during HRT. | They sell you the “basic” meds and don’t tell you that they are not including the other meds that are necessary. Also, they don’t go by the pharmacy recommended dosing (for instance dosing 3x per week) they instead tell you just to dose 2x per week in order to make the meds last the amount of time they sold you on. | Basically, these are scam artists that pray on people looking for affordable HRT. Go to your primary physician and get your prescriptions, they will mark them up by 500% (I buy finasteride for $25 for a 90 day supply, I just needed the prescription and they would not write me the prescription for anything less than $450). Avoid these scammers.


  • Name: My Aging Well Network
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Jupiter
  • Address: 6671 West Indiantown Road Suite 50 – 326
  • Phone: 844-584-0062
  • Website:

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