My Bath Inc Webbwood , Ontario Ontario Review


October 2007 E-Bay Won/Purchased a new 2008 HydrOasis Hot Tub Spa TV Whirlpool Jets Spas Tubs in an auction from E-Bay. Paid in Full. My Bath Inc. 210 E. 18th Ave North Kansas City, MO 64116 United States Delivery took over three 3 months. Damaged stairs and no Cover (Hot Tub) when received. Hot Tub cannot be hook up from a certified Electrician due to the electrical code which is coded CE, in Canada we require CSA/CA code be displayed on the pumps. Several attempts to Communicate with the company, zero back,,, Now told over a phone call the company went Bankrupt. Since that time I’ve been red flagged to totally avoid. No warranty coverage,,, Main electrical panel caught fire, damage beyond repair. Bottom line, item now an expensive paper weight, totally useless… Now in the hands of Georgia Governoru2019s Office of Consumer Protection Estimated cost to repair $1500 Hot Tub Cover cost $780 Total $2280 plus Taxes Bad Business from the USA.

210 E. 18th Ave North Kansas City, MO 64116 Kansas, Missouri USA


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