My Family Mobile Review


I became a customer of Walmart Family Mobile on October 10, 2016. I purchased a LG K7 cell phone from walmart the one at this address for $59 I owned the phone outright it was a prepaid ohone for non contract usage. I chose Walmart Family Mobile after looking into all cellular phone company unlocking policies. As of October 12, 2016 Walmart Family Mobile had a policy that the phone I purchased was not locked to their service as a matter of fact is is actually branded a T-Mobile phone. I chose this particular phone because of the features and capabilites along with Walmart Family Mobiles exceptional unlocking policy. | I believe if you OWN a phone and you are not under contract then you should indeed OWN your phone. In June of 2017 I began to experience issues with the previously stellar service. I was receiving notices that my text messaging was blocked even though my billing period was no where near due for renewal after repeated calls to customer service in which I learned that Tracfone had taken over I decided it was time to move on. | I purchased a T-mobile sim card with prepaid service to use with my tmobile phone because I had been told when I bought the phone that if I ever wanted to switch that would be the easiest to do since it was indeed a t-mobile phone. At this time I found the phone was locked. I called T-mobile to double check that I hadn’t done something wrong and they said it was locked via the IMEI of the phone to the previous carrier. I called Walmart family mobile and requested that my phone be unlocked. I was told by a TRACFONE rep that my phone was not eligible because I was required to be with them for one year. I asked them how that was so since I was a walmart family mobile customer and their policy was 40 days, I own my phone, I am not under contract, and I can not be forced to use a service that is not providing me with service that actually worked. Not to mention that locking a phone that they had no rights to was not a good way to retain customers. | Tracfone has esentally stollen my phone from me. Leaving me without communication abilities. I have a debilitation disease and suffer from hemiplegic migraines and dangerous seizures, I am on a very limited income and they are hampering my ability to contact my doctors and help in the even of an emergency. This comany is getting away with theivery. I OWN my phone. I never chose to be a tracfone customer. They have no right to lock a phone that does not belong to them and is not contracted to their service. It even says in their system that it is a BYOP. | Every time I have called back I have gotten a different response ranging from, | 1. You do not appear in our system, you have never had service with us (LOL) | 2. We show that is a BYOP we did not lock it someone else did (never been used with another company bought, and activated at Walmart on the same day) | 3. Hanging up on me. | 4. We don’t care there is nothing you can do. You have to pay us for a year. | 5. We bought Walmart Family Mobile that means it’s our rules now and our rules say one year. | 6. It doesn’t matter if you have a contrat or not if you use our service then we lock your phone you should read the terms. (again I joing under Walmart Family Mobile who | clearly had terms of 40 days posted which have now been oblitereated from the website by tracfone) | Useful:


  • Name: My Family Mobile
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Albuquerque
  • Address: P.O. Box 3220
  • Phone: 1-877-760-8760
  • Website:

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