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So my gas dryer had no heat on 6/5/2008 and I called Allen & Sons Appliance Repair in Canoga Park, California and was told they could come look at it for free and if I didn”t want them to fix it, the charge would only be $29.99. Here is the catch, if you decide not to have them fix it, they will not tell you what is wrong with your appliance. So needing my dryer repaired in a hurry I had them fix it. Get this, I was charged, $192.89 ($52.11 parts and $140.78 labor & tax) for a fuse and thermostat that I later looked up on the internet using the part number on the old parts the repairman left behind and the total cost with shipping for both parts combined was $24. The repairman was here for 15 minutes, so that works out to a labor rate of $771.56 an hour! and get this, included in the $192.89 was a $6 surcharge I didn”t catch when I paid the bill. Do not trust these guys, they will put you in a position to choose between being charged $30 for them just walking in your door ($45 for certain appliances like A/c and Refrigerator) and then force an outrageous fee on you if you have them fix your appliance. I understand you are paying for their labor and knowledge but for parts that cost $24 and a repair that took less than 15 minutes from their arrival to departure, take your business elsewhere. You have been warned! Call someone else, I got burned, don”t make the mistake I did. Allen & sons appliance repair are unreasonable scallywags.

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