Myavana Baton Rouge Louisiana Review


I purchased a hair analysis for my daughter ($75) and a hair analysis plus subscription ($250) for myself. After numerous emails regarding my analysis that was delayed by about 3 months they sent me a very generic result for coarse african american hair that was OBVIOUSLY not my hair type as I’m biracial with extrememly fine hair. It was very obvious that they either lost my samples or don’t actually even analyze the hair in the first place. I asked for a refund for the analysis, my daughter’s analysis that was never even sent to them due to the horrible service, AND the subscription that they annouced on their website they were discontinuing AFTER they’d already chargedd my card. No response. They purposely send you vague “sorry for the delay”” “”your results are in the lab”” emails to drag out the process to ensure you can’t dispute via paypal. I’m now reporting them as fraud to my credit card company. I’m sure any review that you see online is a paid review. This company is a complete

unprofessional waste of money!”

541 10th Street Suite #156 Georgia, Atlanta United States


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