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I purchased an action figure from the AstroKitty booth at a local comic book convention. The owner of AstroKitty was working the booth that day and he did not give me a receipt. When I got home (I live in another town), I opened the package and the action figure’s hand fell off. It was not attached at all. I thought it was possible that the store did not know it was damaged, so I called to see if they had another of the same figure that I could exchange it for. I talked to the store owner and he become immediately defensive. He said that the action figure was on sale and maybe that was the reason it’s hand fell off. I said that it was not marked as defective and he turned around and said that he could not possibly have known that it was broken. He did offer store credit, but refused a refund (this figure was the only one I wanted), then …he hung up on me! My friends and I will never shop at AstroKitty again.

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