Mystery Shopping Providers Association Elmhurst New York Review


I received a letter along with a check of $2950.00 with a promise that I have been selected as a secret shopper. I was also told that I would be a Consumer Service Evaluator of selected retail stores, restaurants and various establishments, making predetermined purchases and evaluating the Consumer Service level of the stores and service providers. Their research program is a fully paid program and would become a permanent part time position for a selected few who are able to distinguish themselves in the program. After this training assignment, my salary would be $500.00/week for the first 3 months and it will increase to $600.00. nI was asked to evaluate 2 assignmrnts: The first one was at a MONEY GRAM/WESTERN UNION and the second was at : JC PENNY, WALL-MART, DENNY’S RESTAURANT, MACY’S, OR ALBERTSON. nI was asked to follow the following breakdown of their fund:n1. Probation Training first week ………………………$400.00n2. Funds required for Money Gram…………………….$2350.00n3. Service charge for sending Money Gram……………$110.00n4. Required fund for my shopping at WAL-MART ……..$120.00n5. Money Gram to be sent to the company’s Receiving Agent n TREESHA MILLS in New YorknI was asked to call their agent at 514-690-0467 to confirm the receipt of my invitation before depositing the check and fax the the evaluation sheet, money transfer receipt to 1-800-295-9310. I sent $2350 by Money Gram (receipt no. 15232720). But later I found that the check bounced back nMohammednElmhurst, New YorkU.S.A.

CEG Research International; P.O.Box 877569 Plano, Texas U.S.A.



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