Nancy “Harley Quinn” Durina – Perth Amboy, New Jersey New Jersey


This dirty slore slept with my husband for 7 years even though she was told he would never leave his wife. My husband was getting great sex and home but men will take what a slore who is desparate would give up. Her husband didn’t give her sex or an financial means so she was sleeping with other women’s husband’s looking to take their lives. She even stooped as low as to hide in the back seat of the car to sneak in and out of my neighborhood to have sex in my house at lunch time. She knew me and saw me at company functions, but was sure she was taking my spot soon. She lives under a rock on SGA, so watch out ladies she has no self respect and now that her husband divorced her when he found out, she is really desparate bc they still live together, bc they can’t make it financially in separate homes. How messed up is that, the dirty bitch is getting what she deserves. My husband was stupid and regrets ever knowing the whore. She was telling him how terrible I was, but when I found out and he knew he was looking me, she tried to tell him to choose her, it didn’t work. Now I win, I get Anything I want and I’m treated like a queen. She thought he loved her, but he closed his eyes and imagin ed other things bc look at her. If you are going to have sex with this one, don’t forget your condom and a double paper bag.

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