Nancy Timbrook – Fresno, California California


My soon to be ex-piece of sh*t-husband confessed to me that a few years ago he was having an affair that lasted months with this b****. But, she was also married at the time. I found a phone that contained pictures of her and messages which I confronted him about and he ended up telling me the truth. This phone is very old so I would say it does consist with the time he says this affair happened. Why would he keep something that would incriminate him laying around? I don’t know but I am glad to find out the truth. It’s funny the way life works though. It turns out that my cousin works with her at her current job and knows her well. Her husband and her got divorce a couple of years ago and it was because she cheated again (A man who’s pride is hurt puts everything on Facebook). You know what they say, “Once a cheater, always a cheater”. My cousin said she constantly blames her ex-husband for everything that goes wrong in her life and makes him seem like the bad guy. She drinks almost every weekend and is so unhappy with her life. And her love life, that’s a joke! She doesn’t respect herself and gives it up easily. She’s had multiple failed relationships since her divorce. One coworker used her to move up in position and dumped her once he achieved it. KARMA AT IT’S FINEST!! My cousin has lost all the sympathy she used to feel for her before she knew what kind of person she really is. Keep your husbands away from her!! In the pictures, the first one is one I found in his phone and the other one is a recent one of how she looks now that my cousin gave to me.

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