Naomi Juneau Ponthier – Zachary, Louisiana Louisiana


Naomi Juneau Ponthier was my next door neighbor and best friend. She was married with 3 kids for over 30 years. Her husband was my husband’s best friend as well. She went behind my back and had an affair with my husband multiple times over the coarse of a year and a half. Everytime I thought something was going on she would lie to my face and deny it and say how she would never do that. She would tell one lie after another. In the end the truth came out that my husband of 15 years was having an affair with my friend/neighbor. She tore apart 2 families, crushed a 9yr old girls hopes and dreams of a father, she interfered with the finalization of the 9yr olds adoption to have a mother and father all to be with a man she is old enough to mother herself. She is HOMEWRECKER who has destroyed many people’s lives and a very undeserving innocent child’s life at that. Stay away from this woman at all cost and definitely keep your family away from her. She will befriend you and stab you in the back.

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