Natalia Lopez – Katy, Texas Texas


This is the worst kind of scandalous HOMEWRECKER… Natalia Lopez is the boss of the man she tried to have an affair with. She knows the man has a beautiful wife with a 3 year old and the wife is 8 months pregnant. Even though the company she works for does not allow managers to date employees she decided to go for a married employee in her own dept. She sent hundreds of texts even when she knew he was home with his family. The wife has been sick and in the hospital alot during the pregnancy and fighting for the health of the baby and herself but this bi*** knows this and still goes after the husband. I guess she’s so ugly she can’t find her own man so she had to try and take someone’s while she’s too weak to fight. Karma will catch up to her soon… I will see that she loses her job and everyone knows what her morals are.

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