Natalie Day Johnson – Tazewell, Tennessee Tennessee


Ladies let me start off by saying I would hate to think this 2 bit w h o r e had access to my personal information. Just be aware of her being able to get any number Natalie Day Johnson wants, I honestly don’t see how she has time to do her job requirements at bank. Phone records show a lot, she stayed on her phone texting my husband I don’t know how she even got any work done, her husband has all the phone records and all the text messages that’s been sent and received throughout the day, with text including 13 OTHER men that her husband knows of, if you think she cares about hurting anyone she sure the h e l l doesn’t… if a mother can leave a newborn child with a heart monitor she dont care to hurt someone else… she’s no  mother!! To top it all off after she tries to get with your husband she will send you a text message to apologize…… You can’t fix stupid or a W H O R E.

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