Natasha Michele Powell – Silver City, California California


Natasha Michele Powell is a nasty dirty skanky ass whore!!! Just like her mother Tanya Powell!!! Natasha has 5 kids from 3 different men she has been married twice before and she cheated on her first 2 husbands every chance she could. She had an affair with a married man when she worked at snappy mart in silver city. She learned how to be a whore from the queen of all whores, her mother Tanya Powell. Tanya spent the better part of the 1980s getting fucked up down and side ways by every single man that frequented the Buffalo bar in silver city New Mexico. Natasha Michele Powell is now married to a guy from Mexico Issac Luna he doesn’t speak a word of English so it is probably even easier for her to fuck a lot of other men behind his back.

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