Natasha Tafta – Des Moines, Iowa Iowa


Natasha Ryanne Tafta, maiden name Natasha Ryanne Mattingley, aka Tash Mattingley, Tasha Mattingley, Tash Tafta, Tasha Tafta, Ryanne Tafta, Ryanne Mattingley; is a brother-hopping piece of sh*t. I was married to her for years and while we were married she slept with all 3 of my brothers. She even took my youngest brother’s virginity. Who TF does that to her husband who f*cks all of her husband’s brothers? She lost our daughter to DCFS and she even stopped going to her visits to our daughter while she was in a foster home and lied saying I was abusing our daughter which isn’t true now she is lost to us forever she got adopted by our foster family and we lost all rights. I got a divorce and I am so happy with out her but I want to warn all other’s she wants to have more kids she has all 3 of her kid’s taken from her by dcfs she is also a wanted felon with an outstanding warrant in Idaho for violating her probation she will be caught and have to do hard prison time. She works at fast food restaurants mostly because she cant get another job because of her record but because of my last name that she kept her record comes up clean so to future people who hire her look her under her maiden name Natasha Ryanne Mattingley or even do a google search and you will find that she is a felon. She abandoned her son and then had her daughter in jail and our daughter she neglected so she lost her to the system. Not only did she cheat on me with my brothers but also several other men and even a few women. She can’t be trusted don’t ever marry or have kids with this girl she will mess up your life for real.

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