National Domestic Violence Hotline Review


I have often called this line because I’m going through a hard time in my abusive relationship and looking for support. Because I call often, I’ve heard, “didn’t I talk to you…” “We already talked so please use the resources we provided you.” Or they will actually transfer you to an automated recording that says for you to use the resources they provided. These people here are abusive themselves. I’ve heard, “why don’t you leave?” I’ve been hung up on because I said I wasn’t ready to leave or the person didn’t want to talk to me. People are calling this line because they’re going through a difficult situation and don’t need to be victimized all over again. These people have attitude problems and are mean to those abused. I feel their controlling and want you to leave and try to push you to. If you don’t want to leave, they don’t really want to talk to you. This is a very bad run line. Also they don’t listen and will jump to conclusions before you have even explained your situation. This line make you feel worse then when you called in the first place. This might actual cause victims to stay even longer in an abusive relationship because the lack of support. .

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