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I worked for NHT for one week in May. I immediately noticed the company was unorganized. I brought this to the attention of my Manager Marco. I explained to him there was too much critical information being left lying around: Customer information, credit information, trainer’s background checks, and employment documentation next to desks in stacks vs in files and secured. My issues was it felt like the company was going to pack up and move. It did not feel like a strong organization just by the lack of organization. nThere were two people in Customer Service and approximately 3 to 4 who took new clients. I found it strange to work on Saturday, but only paid for 5 days when working 6 days hourly, not salary. I explained to Marco I felt we were working too many hours and not being compensated for the Saturday and we need an extra day off during the week. The one Saturday I did work there was an employee who was drunk. I don’t mean hung over I mean drunk! I could smell him from the time I rounded the corner from the elevator. I think his name was Jared. I was not sure if he just left the bar and rolled into the office. He was sleep at his computer and did not move even though people moved around him. The sad part was once the manager arrived he was not sent home which was hours later, but offered something to eat. nThere was no break area, you were allowed an hour lunch if you desired. All trainers were interviewed via phone, there were internet courses to obtain licenses as a trainer. Even after the trainer passed the certification they were not sent out in a timely manner. New trainers were not sent their equipment on time. The equipment would sit in the middle of the room waiting for pick up for days at a time next to employment packages that were left out in the open. I attempted to file the employee files once I observed them laying around due to the high risk of identity theft. It became a bigger job than I could handle. My trainer did not want to train me, so in fact I had an employee who started the same time I did train me on the proper procedures on dealing with clients and trainers. Many people were placed on what they called a Black out list when they asked too many questions when calling (thought to be in competition) or when they felt threatened by the person. All calls were screened by Caller ID and the phone number and name was researched over the computer before any questions were answered. I noticed immediately trainers calling complaining about their pay. Not receiving pay even after they submit all of their information. The office workers also had issues receiving pay. I was told their checks were late all the time. I then observed this for myself due to the fact I came in during a pay period which was the 1st or the 15th. The checks were sent back three times due to not being signed, or not having the correct information. During this time the employees were banking on their money to pay their rent. This was Trainer and office employee checks. I was stunned. I asked about direct deposit and if this company considered speaking with their banker in order to ease the tension of accountant mistakes. I was told that was not an option. I could not deal with the company being unorganized , not paying their employees on time, or the fact it I had a gut feeling this was not the place for me. I sent an extensive resignation over email to Christy and Marco explaining National Home Trainers Opportunities. I would have loved to assist the company with making their goals, but something was just not right from the beginning. nThe problem was this was a very unprofessional company. The office appeared unorganized, dress appearance was not up to standards by all employees, and there was no drug enforcement policy. I feel bad for the clients and trainers who were taken for a ride. I know it took me some days to receive my check also. I think the only reason I received my money was due to my extensive resignation and recommendations for the company. My check was not mailed on time like others. But I did cash it immediately. nI just wanted to add what I observed to this long list of complaints. I worked for NHT for approximately 8 days, which was an experience that lasted 7 days too long. I did not receive my Tax information from this company and decided to check what was on the internet. I was not shocked at what is on this site, nor the fact the company closed down. I felt my best decision was moving on and not listening to the story told of how the company was growing. I listened to the trainers as they constantly called complaining about not being paid and the office employees who said they were not paid on time. The fact of the matter is we are all open for identity theft now due to the fact there was no organization, no filing. All of our information may have went up in the air like ENRON. I doubt it was sent to a shred company, I’m sure it was thrown out. nDallas, TX nEx- office employeenDallas, TexasU.S.A.

1700 Commerce Street Dallas, TX Nationwide U.S.A.

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