National Life Group Review


After more than 2 years “investing” with National Life Group, my “surrender value” is negative several hundred dollars. The Snake oil salesman Brad Hofhines made promises about being able to withdraw funds if necessary and how it is a better investment than my IRA because it’s pre tax. $151 per month investment is split up like this: $61 to administrative fees and $12 to insurance policy. That leaves barely half of my investment going into my account. After over 2 years I “invested” more than $5,000, my account balance is $2,900 but my surrender amount is over $3,500. If I keep investing for 8 more years I will just about break even, then they will stop ripping off my account with “administrative fees” and it will actually make money. In the same period of time my IRA (even at a modest 3% gain) would be worth more than 3 times that. In what world does this make any kind of sense to anyone, except the company and salesmen who get paid every month? These people need to be exposed for what they are, THIEVES, plain and simple! .

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