National Make Ready Services Review


I was contacted by National Make Ready Service in mid July to do lawn work. Around 70 yards. Over half were over grown and out of control. I contact them to tell them how bad they were. We came to an agreement on price. I was also informed that they paid every two weeks. Well about 3 weeks after I started I asked for a check which they sent. After the first they got really bad on paying. About 2 months went by no check I contacted them to see what was wrong they gave me the run around for a few weeks until they finally owned me over $3000. After several calls, text and emails they finally made a partial payment on October 2. That was the last payment I received. I am owed money from September all the way until October 15. After October 15 I stop cutting because I hadn’t received any money. I contacted them again asking about my money. They told me the would send it. They never did. I waited two more weeks no payments. I kept calling and texting and again they gave me the run around. At the beginning of November they stop answering my call, text and emails. I left voice mails nothing. Today’s November 30 I still haven’t received any money or returned calls. I have emails, phone records, text messages, pictures of all the properties I did (before and after) and invoices. They also contract in Texas and Florida. They not only want lawn service done they also look for all kinds of home remodeling and repairs. So beware of National Make Ready Service and Peter Armstrong. .

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