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Complaint: Recieved a call from National Rollout Company , LLC on 11-29-17 t help them out in our market. They said it would be a quick 5 minute job, that their current tech had not installed the advertising frame properly and that it was holding them up from closing out a 700 store roll out for true religion retail locations.They asked us if we could take the job and give them same day service. We told them that 105.00 would get us there to start and if it truely was a 5 min job , no problem. We never reciebed a work order or further direction only the address and the name of the location and that we were to call John H upon arrival. Once we arrived on site, the manager on duty had no idea what we were to do and had no knowledge of what was to be done at that time and asked us to wait until they where finished with their customer before they could help or start. So we called john as instructed told him the situation and explained there was some confusion with the manager and John said sit tight he would get us pictures and in the mean time we had spoken with the manger and finally got to the boittom of what needed to be done. This was no 5 min project. We called John told him this was going to take longer John H said do whatever it takes we told him our rate and he said that was fine. He simply need s to get this done and properly as they balance of the job we reliant oin it. We took the time to remove the old sgn install the new which required a trip to Home depot to get fresh vekcro and proper screws again calling john the entire time while on site. Ounce we were done we forwarded pictures and a sign off from the manager directly to John to show him the install was completed properly. We also told John the manager requested that we remove all garbage from the back room would he like us to dispose of it off site again john said please doi and just bill me for your time and I really appreciate you guys taking care of this as it was really important matter for us as all eyes where on the store from True religion corporate side. This is where the pronblem began for us, John did not pay the bill as he promised he repeadidll made ecuses after excuse we have emails and text messages that prove our side, oh I need to get back to the office, oh this was paid I have proof etc etc, just lie after lie. John the owener of the company is not a man of his word he uses people and ounce he gets what he wants he just pretends that you dont exist. We even had a conference call with him and gave him options to settle the invoice he said no, no i will pay not a problem. Do not trust these guys they seemed to have great reviews which is why we did the job but in the end they are a rip off. stealling from the backs of hard working techs in the field to the benoifi of National roll out.

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Address: 4905 Hannah Street other, Georgia United States


Phone: 678-714-0558

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