Nationwide Parts Distributors Ase Review


Beware of this company. If you are a business they will leave you high and dry and your customers will be pissed!! I sent my ECM off for repairs. Chris at ext 5395. He was very happy to take my money. Promised to have the module repaired in 3 days but said it could take 5 days. Over 2 weeks later I get it back. I install it into my car. same problem as I had before! Did they even take it apart and fix it?? I am a master technician and have been for 20+ years. I checked and rechecked this car. Even swapped an ECM from another car and verified that this ECM was in fact bad. So I know that the fault lies in this ECM that aes can’t fix. I spoke with Chris after they avoided my repeated calls and he finally offered to return 150. Of my 221 that I spent Sighting the diagnostic fee wasn’t returnable. The diagnosis was wrong, the repair was wrong. They didn’t offer to make anything better for me and I wasted almost 3 weeks of my time. Further more Chris was very unprofessional on the phone At the end. What a BIG BABY! Haha! Dont use this company. .

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