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Complaint: Documented cyber fraud activity and all are involved in this lucrative scam and fraud ring that also stalks, slanders and many are involved from Norway to the Philippines seeking donations also with fake 1st american art crafts made by child slave laborers abroad being sold via pay pal on line. They are even bold enough con-artist to do a ” Oglala Lakota Nation “” page in NORWAY with over 6.500 members and No Lakota as Admins. Native Citizen News Network was the very first to break open this scam ring of vultures targeting the indigenous on a world wide scale and many other communities with fraud. NCNN was first tipped off by Australia affiliates over a year in a half ago on Wanbli Tate claiming he was in Australia and was married to a Australian citizen or Aboriginal. Emigration records show that Non Native wanbli Tate has never been to Australia and was never married to a australian

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Address: yet recently he was so bold to go on live broadcast and states he did to try and gain support. This is the same fool who has turned leonard peltier into his own private business as if Leonard is worth more to him in jail. Pure fiction and well exspected from this Non Native Wanbli Tate who favors himself to dress up Native American and is not. He first attacked NCNN with Autumn Two Bulls cussing people and she saying he is her well respected elder. The story unfolded

Website: 6150 Buckingham Pky, #204, Culver City, CA Internet, California United States of America

Phone: because NCNN was aware of his Connection in this very sad Scam ring that set it off even more when Christian Preacher / fake Basketball head Spider Ledesma asked one of the admins Dominique Vantell Lonehunt for a Loan of over 2.000 dollars and saying it was for computers and he needed NCNN as investors. NCNN was well aware Spider Ledesma was a Internet fraud working with Stalker / Blogger Rob Schmidt who has targeted one of our Admins in the past with false reports for not acepting his multiple friend request

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