Natural Ceramides Review


I went on internet from my phone for free cosmetics from an Ellen Degeneres advertisement. I got signed up, There was no mention of autoship during sign up. There was an offer for an eye product in addition to the face product for the price of shipping. I signed up to receive that as well. | In about a week I received the 2 products clearly marked “GIFT” on the box. I was billed $2.95 and $4.95 on 9/11 for shipping. A month later two more boxes arrived also clearly marked “GIFT” on the box. I took them home and opened them. My credit card statement arrived and I had been billed 9/28 for $99.74 and 10/14 for 4.95 and 10/29 for 54.69. | Evidently I did a stupid thing at that point because I refused the next packages that came and sent them back. In November I was charged $52.69 and $4.95. The charges were from True Value Ceramides, Skin Ceramides, FFH Eyecare, and Hydroxeye. I called the phone number on the credit card charge and stopped the autoship. | I disputed the charges that were still open with my credit card company. They were three charges for ammounts of $52 and $54, I was told that refunds were being processed. I received three refunds in the amount of $10.53 each. | I called the Companyr again, to tell them that the refunds were not the correct amounts. I was told that I had already settled up through my bank and it was out of thier control. The agent would not stop talking, I had to shout that they had made a mistake in the amounts, but was told it was already settled. I had to shout over her again to ask to speak to a supervisor, but she concluded the phone call and hung up on me. | This is an unscrupulous company that makes its money by using auto-ship and giving small refunds for large charges. It deceptively ships more product while marking the box “FREE GIFT”.


  • Name: Natural Ceramides
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Phoenix
  • Address: PO Box 52073
  • Phone: (844) 754-7417
  • Website:

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