Natural Health Network Austin Texas Review


I feel abused. I feel dumb. I have had two major surgeries removing over 3/4 of my small intestines and saw an add for a natural way to help with colon problems. The add stated there was a one time price of shipping and handling… and a free bottle. No free TRIAL… just a natural sample. The guy on the phone was very friendly, took my order… and when I point blank asked him if I would be charged anything else… or billed later, he assured me no. For some reason he sent me two bottles. I was confused and called the “customer service”” line to enquire if this was a mistake… but no on answered… even though the paper work states a 8 to 8 ETS open call line. I did not think the product was worth the postage and handling

and started to get a little suspicious when I read the fine print about the 30 day return policy.. even though the guy on the phone said it was a done free sample deal. I tried to call the 1-800-218-6210 number again… and wound up listening to a rendition of Pachelbel’s Cannon in D over 87 times while some guys voice kept insisting a customer service rep would be with me shortly. A month later I am charged $89.00 to my account. I still could never get passed poor Pachelbel on that customer service number… or his customer service promising friend

so I called my bank. They told be the transaction was pending and I needed to keep holding with Natural Health Network to request a refund. Needless to say

Ol’ Pachelbel and I got reacquainted foe another hour before I figured out to call the “”I need a refill”” number on the bottle. (1-800-492-1849) A guy picked up on the first ring. He listen to me b***h and said he would have someone review the order phone call to see what was said and they would determine if a refund was in order. I complained about possible bank overdraft fees. I asked him why the F*&K they could not just let me send the “”samples”” back when it had only been two weeks after their “”30 day”” policy their phone representative knew nothing about. He kindly explained there was no need for cussing (which I replied

“”it got your attention

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