Nava Motors / Navarro Auto Motors Complaint


A cash deposit was paid for a Volkswagen Golf which was never provided to customer nor was his money returned. On June 28th, 2017, I paid a cash deposit in the amount of $2000 for a 2016 Volkswagen Golf with VIN #: xx5220 which I was given a receipt for along with the promise that my monthly payments would be under $270 and I would receive a call the following day with the exact monthly amount and the time I should arrive to sign the paperwork and pick up my car. Upon my return to the dealership, I was informed that Nava Motors was unable to get me satisfactory financing so instead of the 2016 Volkswagen Golf they had a 2006 Pontiac Mustang that they were going to sell me instead. I told them that I preferred to have my money back since it was given to them for that specific car and since they couldn”t sell me that specific car, I”d prefer my money back before discussing other options. They refused and I was told they would not be giving me my deposit so I needed to apply it to another vehicle. After much pleading, I finally agreed to drive the Mustang. It made a horrible noise as it was turning on and the engine light was on. I said I would not take it but I was told to drive it around the block. I held my ground saying I would not buy a car with the engine light on or one that sounded the way it did upon starting up. They continued to push me into the sale claiming both issues were nothing at all and they would be fixed quickly for me to take the car and they would give me a great price on it. The price they came back with was over $1, 000 more than the price listed as a standard Kelly”s Blue Book Value. I refused to purchase a car that I didn”t want and continued to ask for the return of my cash which was given to them for the car I was promised. They continued to refuse and tried pushing me towards 3 other cars all of which had prices that were between $1, 000 and $5, 000 over the KBB value. Over the next week, I continued to request my money back through text messages, on voice messages, and in person.They ignored my every attempt made through messages and when I went to the lot on the evening I was told the owner would be available, he told me that I would never get my money back and he didn”t care if I attempted to sue him because that”s what he pays a lawyer for. The receipt that I have from NAVA Motors for the deposit I left, clearly states that the deposit is for this specific Volkswagon Golf and includes the actual VIN number.

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