Nayades Grave de Peralta Guerrero – Miami, Florida Florida


Careful of this girl, Nayi is known to be hooking up with guys to get free drugs, and also doesnít mind sleeping with guys that are in a relationships or married. She doesnít care about the family she ruined or our kid that doesnít have his father by his side. She is always taking drugs and constantly makes up stories and plays the victim when he tries to move on. She is dirty and cheats. She has a lot of cuban friends that she uses for helping her with her tricks, they place fake calls and sent fake emails too for helping her to get out as good girl. She loves to talk and sleep with her bosses to get away with what she wants. She works with her family they are also liers. She studied german for receiving more money with the sexual turism in cuba. She always has to have a boyfriend or a husband, but will often go out with friends, have drinks, and then end up making out and having sex to some random guy. In her mind going down on a guy isnít considered cheating. She and her family had commited few crimes around before they moved in to Florida, document falsification, identity falsification and faked bank accounts are in the list of crimes. She also uses social networks with fake profiles for ruining people lifes. They run a cuban mafia for getting stabilished in melbourne with a cuban food truck Havana Delights and trading illegal and stealed things at ebay mangle rojo. Nayi has a long history of sleeping with married men for financial gain, her mother used to offer she for their best guests at her hostel Villa Sita in Guanabacoa Cuba. Any man who owns a restaurant and is married needs to steer clear of this woman.

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