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Purchased items from ShopNBC on a 5 payment plan. I entered a credit card, which I did not realize would expire mid-way through making the 5 payments. Yes, I got a new expiration date later, but there was nothing to remind me to go back to ShopNBC and update the new expiration date. ShopNBC began calling my home every hour on the hour all day long for a $17 payment. I was at work and never heard these calls. My husband happened to be home one day and answered the call and the person from ShopNBC proceeded to tell him all the details of my account, including my balance and that they were going to turn me into a Collection Agency. This is a direct violation of the Fair Debt Collections Privacy Act where creditors are strictly prohibited from giving out account information to 3rd parties without the consumers approval. My husband is not on the credit card account and is not a party to my debt with ShopNBC. My husband told them that I received an invoice and mailed in the payment in full. The person from ShopNBC lied to him and said they don”t send invoices and they don”t accept checks and attempted to get him to give his credit card number for my debt!! I called ShopNBC today and told them that I had mailed in the payment and to stop harassing us. The person named Laurie on their collection staff proceeded to scream at me that I am irresponsible and that I didn”t care that I had given ShopNBC a credit card that would expire and that ShopNBC is not responsible for mail delays and a tirade of other insults and rude comments. I then asked to speak to her supervisor, who of course was unavailable, and left that person a long voicemail stating that I had paid the bill and that I was very upset about how Laurie had spoken to me and to my husband. 1 hour later, I get a call from yet another collector of ShopNBC trying to collect my debt!! I told him that I had just spoken to Laurie and gave her all the information that I had paid the debt and asked him why he was calling. He stated that there was NO NOTATION on my account that I had spoken to Laurie 1 hour earlier!! ShiopNBC has violated the Fair Debt Collections Privacy Act so many times on my account, that I am now searching the internet looking for a class action suit that I can join into. They cannot be allowed to treat consumers this way.

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