NBRC Construction Tampa Florida Review


Summary: NBRC Construction in Tampa has to ties to now-defunct roofing company in Georgia and has started pulling the same scams in Florida. CEO of defunct company, Carlton DeWayne Dunko, arrested in 2010. Kenneth Douglas Dunko (brother or relative of Carlton) is the current principal of NBRC construction, the company who has collected our insurance money but has yet to replace our roof. Late last year, a sales rep from NBRC Construction came to our door and said we had roof damage and that NBRC could file a claim with our insurance company and use the money to replace our roof. It sounded sketchy, but our roof desperately needs to be repaired, so we agreed. NBRC filed a claim and received over $7,000 from our insurance company. They received the first payment the first week of April. As of today, (July 2, 2013), our roof installation date has been pushed back five times. First, the roof was to go on the first week of May, then the end of May, then late June, then “no later than July 1

“” and now the installation will supposedly occur on July 22. Today

while researching the company further

I discovered that NBRC appears to has to American Shingle

a now-defunct company in GA. According to several complaints on ripoffscams.com

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