Near North Landscaping N/A Ontario


Complaint: I’m not entirely sure what this company is called? Is it Near North Landscaping or Near North Hardscaping? Also heard of Near North Pavers?Nonetheless, I’ve recently been given the opportunity to work with Near North Landscaping/Hardscaping/Pavers. It was a subpar opportunity bounded to a grave fate. I’m going to make this easy to read by putting my experience with Near North LAndscaping into point forms: – Very unprofessional such as continously late (30 min or more) to client meetings, dresses poorly (holes in shirt/vests, dirty clothes. – Hires inexperienced skilled individuals for highly demanding jobs which require skilled individuals with PLENTY of experience.- Consistently not available such as voicemail and email full. Will screen calls and will not return voicemails/emails when experiencing issues with clients or workers. – Do not have the required skills to manage and run a landscape construction company such as company does not have an employee to handle daily operational needs and demands, does not pay workers in a consistent and timely manner (extremely late on payments). – Appalling communication and interpersonal skills to workers such as being belittled, called names, swearing in communications and messaging. – Inconsistencies and discrepanies in messaging when speaking to workers re: informal client progress reports Overall my experience with this company was terrible and I am ashamed to have been associated with Near North Landscaping, Hardscaping/Pavers. I was looking forward to a positive and professional experience with plenty of learning opportunities; however, all I received was headaches and wasted hours of my precious time. All those in the market looking to get their landscaping done….Beware! This company is not the right fit.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: Cookstown, Select State/Province USA


Phone: 4167082246

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