Needle & Shears Review


Needle and Shears makes ill fitting covers and the costumer service is reprehensible. We ordered covers from them in Janurary and we received them in May the one cover ripped at the seems the day we put them on. They’re initial solution was for us to take the to a local seamstress to have them repaired. When the second cover ripped later that week, they asked us to send photos of the damage. After three weeks with no response from them they finally asked us to send the back to them. They explained to us that the covers were made to the specifications that we gave them. They asked us to remeasure the sofas, using photos that were annotated. These measurements called for us to measure across the cushions rather than below cushions stated in the original pdfs sent to us as a measurement guide. This lead to a 3 inch discrepancy in size, despite measuring according to their instructions, they claimed that it was our problem and wanted to charge us and additional $350 to fix the issue. When my wife called to complain they were extremely rude, telling her that she is stupid and cant measure or follow directions. When she explained that she is a doctor, there response was “I hope your patients don’t rely on you following instructions” and hung up on her. I have tried to call back several times with no response.


  • Name: Needle & Shears
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: San Diego
  • Address: 6051 Business Center Ct., Unit
  • Phone: 949.581.0120
  • Website:

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