Nell Goodwin Jones – Apex, North Carolina North Carolina


I’ve know Nell for many many years. She, like many other people, have been through some tough situations. The problem with Nell is is she lives life doing the bare minimum. She was lucky enough to not only have a supportive family, but a supportive husband, and at one point a close group of friends. Nell will never and has never been a friend you could really confide in. This woman is still a child and loves to be the first to inform others of everyone else’s hardships. The whole time ignoring and denying her own self destructive behavior. She can’t function without pot. Sure will allow her family to go into debt in order to get it. She uses zanax or other meds like that off and on like candy. She drinks alcohol while over-using pills, then drives her young child around while completely out of it. I’ve personally seen her face busted from falling on concrete from being to drunk. I’ve lost count of how many times she’s fallen down out of know where. Her husband started to express his concerns about her to me and other people an be eventually decided he had to leave her. Like most addicts Nell has made me her scapegoat for the problems she’s solely made for her self. It’s a shame when God blesses you with a chance to live a successful and happy life and not only do you mess it up but can’t take any responsibility for your current situation.

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