netflix cheyenne Wyoming Review


I felt netflix which is an internet service for TV show and movies has not been fair with me. First of all they took off 2 shows that were on my list and I only found out at the last minute. They also have a classic series Columbo that is missing several episodes from the first 6 seasons. Also they took off my review of a classic movie while leaving the others on. When I called them about this they could not give me any rational explanation. I also asked them to put on a show HULU has for free on their site but too bad with commercials. That’s why I liked netflix but when I asked for the later in color Outer Limits to be put on the rep. said they would seriously look into doing that. I feel I’ve been taken for a fool because i saw somewhere else netflix ended their contracts with Showtime and Sony so How can they bring the new Outer Limits to their lineup! I have read other reports and letters of complaint about similar issues from other viewers regarding Netflix!!

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